chapmancarol smoking

There are many smokers today that would like to quit but often have a hard time doing so and that is because of the amount of nicotine that there is in tobacco cigarettes. Nicotine can be addictive if too much is taken and it is that which causes smokers to always want a smoke.

It is perhaps a misconception though that it is the nicotine in cigarettes that are harmful to a smoker’s health as rather than the nicotine being harmful, it is the over 4000 chemicals which are released in the smoke of a tobacco cigarette which are harmful.

The introduction though of e-cigarettes has perhaps made quitting smoking easier for some smokers as they too have nicotine but not in the same quantities as tobacco cigarettes and so are therefore not as addictive but can still provide a smoker a shot of nicotine should they need one.

What e-cigarettes do not have is either smoke as they only create vapours and neither do they have the over 4000 harmful chemicals that go with that smoke.

No one claims that e-cigarettes will definitely help a smoker to quit but they certainly have helped many smokers to quit already and those numbers keep increasing. It is suggested on that now that smoking has been banned in many venues including public buildings, in order to satisfy their craving for a smoke, a smoker may now use an e-cigarette which has not been banned from use anywhere and thereby last a complete event without the need to go outside for a quick smoke.

This makes any smoker feel more socially accepted and at the same time stops them going crazy for want of a smoke. Once a smoker finds that this works on one occasion, they often will start to use e-cigarettes more frequently, perhaps even in a work place where smoking has been banned.

E-cigarettes then slowly start to play a bigger part in a smoker’s life than tobacco cigarettes do and it is then when some smokers realize that they could in fact do without tobacco cigarettes entirely and instead use only e-cigarettes.

Although this has already been the way that many smokers have quit, it is by no means guaranteed that it will work for any smoker but, even if the occasional e-cigarette affords a smoker a better social life, they are worth giving a try.

If a smoker does manage to quit, they will not only find themselves more socially acceptable but they will also find that they have more money than they did when they were smoking, due to the high cost of tobacco cigarettes.

Although there is of course a cost to using e-cigarettes, after an initial starter kit has been purchased, those costs are far less than tobacco cigarettes would be. Added to the benefits of social acceptance and better finances is of course the fact that e-cigarettes present less of a health risk to both the user and the people that may be around them.