Many couples getting married are very grateful for the contribution the best man and maid of honour play in their ceremony and so want to show their appreciation in a unique way. The couple will often give the best man a gift in recognition of his assistance but are equally as often in a dilemma as to what to buy them. However, today there is a solution to this dilemma offered by groomsmen gifts.

These are gifts offered by the website Bullets2Bandages and are unique due to the fact that they are all made from used military ammunition, such as 0.50mm cartridges. Although these gifts are unique and ideally suitable for most men, they are also useful and can be used on many occasions.

The gifts range from unique gift sets to cuff links and bottle openers, each of which can provide the owner with a convenient and attractive accessory. Other gifts include coasters and shot glasses, some of which can also be customized as gifts for bridesmaids if thought appropriate.

Most of the gifts can be personalized by engraving, perhaps engraving the date and occasion for which the gift was given and of course including the recipient’s name. None of these gifts are mass produced and so it is unlikely that the recipient has already got one and besides, they would not have gotten one with the same inscription at least.

The company that makes these unique gift items was founded by military veterans and they show their appreciation to other veterans by donating some of the proceeds from purchases, to a veteran’s charity.

Even if you or the recipient of the gift is not military or ex-military, the gifts are so unique and well-made that they will be appreciated and possibly become a talking point on many occasion, plus most people are pleased to be able to help veterans in some small way, especially as you had to make a purchase of something anyway.

Although ideal gifts for a best man, these items make great gifts on other occasions too, perhaps as a Father’s day gift or as a gift at any time, to a veteran. The company also makes items for use in bars or social clubs and those items, as well as including coasters and bottle openers also include pump handles for beer pumps and sets of pint glasses. The items for use in a bar can also be customized by etching or engraving and part of the proceeds from these sales also go to a veteran’s charity.

Although many of these items may be useful on many occasions, travelling through airport security with some of them in your carry-on baggage may cause a stir and so either keep them in your pocket where you can readily show them or place them in your baggage that will go in the cargo hold.

All the items are of course perfectly harmless and totally legal, it is just that they are so unique, they are often unexpected.