Quick Guide To Atomizers

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Electronic cigarettes come in different types and they are not limited to the usual ones that look just like your traditional cigarettes. They also have different parts that you can completely customize depending on your preference. One of the parts that is most customizable is the atomizer.

The atomizer is the part that is connected to the battery as well as the source of the e-liquid. It contains a coil or another heating element and the wick, which makes it possible for the e-juice to be heated. The heated e-juice turns into the vapor that the users all love. The difference lies in the resistance of the coil, the screw heads, the type of wick used and the container attachments. Atomizers will only work when the container is compatible with them. This is why you shouldn’t buy Kanger tanks for sale when you don’t have the right attachment for it to be connected to the head or the power supply. There are several types available in the market today and these are:

1. Clearomizer – This is one of the most common types you will see in the market today. It is usually made up of a glass or plastic tube that holds the liquid. It is also known as a tank because it contains the e-juice but you can still see through it. It has a coil that will connect to the battery source when the right attachments are present. The coils are connected to the wick that is soaked with the e-juice. The e-juice continuously soaks the wick because one part of it is connected to the tank to gain access to the e-juice. The coils can either be found on the top or bottom but they still work the same way. They heat up and produce the vapor you’ll love. Replacement coils are available in the market because the coils can last for about two weeks depending on your use. Plastic tanks are much cheaper than the glass ones but the glass ones permit the use of acidic e-liquids.

2. Cartomizer – The cartomizer is shaped like a cylinder and is often made of metal. The e-juice is drawn through the use of a poly-fill mesh. The cartomizers are cheaper than the clearomizers and are less likely to be used because of its limitations such as the amount of e-juice it can hold at a time. Usually, it only carries about 2ml. This poses a big problem on heavy vapers especially when they are out and can’t stop just to refill their electronic cigarette. Instead of refilling, you can just throw the cartomizer away and have extras on hand because they are really that cheap.

3. Cartomizer Tanks – These are similar to the clearomizer tank because it also works in the same way but it makes use of cotton rather than the silica wick to access the e-juice. It is important that the cotton is soaked with the liquid before use or you can prime it first. This will ensure that the cotton will not just burn.