Tailoring For Women

chapmancarol tailoring for women

At one time a women’s tailor would only be expected to make skirts or dresses but in today’s changing world, they may now need to make suits. Ever since women have become more present in the world of business, a need for women’s suits has steadily increased. Although women are not necessarily required to wear suits as men are in the business world, many opt to do so. A suit has long been accepted as the required dress for business people but of course originally, those people were only men. The first women to enter business circles had to rely on their own judgement as to what would be appropriate for them to wear but, even though the suit for women has not yet become particularly expected, they have become popular among most women in business. Even if a woman did not choose to wear a suit, something appropriate would still be expected of them, meaning no bright colours or particular attention to fashion, just smart and yet practical, such as a suit. Perhaps the most important thing about their clothes that businesswomen had to be concerned about was that they dressed conservatively and this meant that whatever they may choose to wear, it was of a good fit. Clothing that was too tight fitting could give an illusion of being overly provocative, an appearance which was totally unacceptable in a business environment. By the same token though, oversized clothing looked untidy, another sight unacceptable in the business world. It is little wonder then that most businesswomen opt to wear a suit. At first when women started to work in business, a woman’s suit was almost unheard of and so tailors were specifically asked to make them but now, with so many women in business circles, women’s suits have become a common sight in many women’s out-fitters. The suit for women has in fact become so popular that they are now also being worn outside of the business arena creating an even bigger demand for women’s tailored suits.

As a result of all of this, a woman entering the business world today, will have a wide variety of suits to choose from but if she is wise, she will still insist on her shirts being fitted and thereby presenting the best possible image to their co-workers and bosses alike. Whilst suits and fitted shirts may be ample for women just entering the world of business, if they were to be promoted to an executive level, they may still have to carefully select some additional wardrobe items. This time the wardrobe items would not be for the office but for one of the many formal functions they may have to attend. Just as suits were expected to be worn at the office by businessmen, suits or perhaps dinner jackets were expected to be worn for formal functions but again, like in the office, no set standard of what a woman should wear has been established. This means that although she would not be expected to wear a suit or a dinner jacket, she would still be expected to be dressed smart and appropriate.