Tips To Help You Find Steiff Bears Accessories

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After you find Steiff bear, there are so many accessories that you can use to decorate, display and care for them. These include clothes, costumes, stands and backpacks.

Accessories for Steiff Bears

Steiff bears come in a wide variety of sizes, from current limited versions to antique collectables to baby-friendly bears that are machine washable. Considering all this makes buying accessories a complicated business as there are numerous sizes, manifold-part outfits, as well as bear-specific decorations available.

The following are factors a buyer should consider:

Price – depending on the number of items available, the costs can increase quite fast and especially with top-quality Steiff items. It is advisable to set a budget beforehand before searching for the items required.

Bear type – establish whether the bear is for play or display. Making a decision beforehand can help to search and find Steiff bears accessories since some of them are for display purposes (for instance delicate or pale coloured outfit).

Size – Steiff bears vary in size, ranging from 8” to 20” and beyond, and a number of accessories especially clothing, are tailored for a certain size.

Brand – with such an array of brans available, you need to decide if you would prefer Steiff-only accessories or mix and match items. Usually, Steiff accessories tend to be pricey s compared to the other brands due to their high quality.

Bearing the above points in mind, you should be able to find an assortment of accessories to fit every type of design theme or a child’s imagination. Accessories including but not limited to the following are obtainable:

  • Clothes – the clothing comes in a large array and includes shoes, hats as well as little backpacks.
  • Outfits – there are varieties of outfits that range from 2-piece matching top and bottoms to whole costumes.
  • Bows – these are mainly ribbon or elastic and tied around the ear. Often they come with a set.
  • Furniture – include beds, wooden chairs and deckchairs.
  • The following are accessories used with bears for either protection or display purposes:
  • Carry Case – normally big enough to accommodate a 15” bear at least.
  • Travelling Box – mostly associated with Steiff boxes, these are suitcases designed for each bear.
  • Storage Bag – a drawstring bag for keeping bears secure from moths when they aren’t on display
  • Stands – used to exhibit bears, and usually have a ring for the bear’s neck to allow it to stand upright.

Although there are a number of bear accessory brands in the market, Steiff makes its own accessories for bears which are normally related to a particular bear. However, it is always up to the buyer to decide whether they prefer matching accessories or they want to accessorize the bear the way the way they like. Checking the authenticity of the items when looking for Steiff accessories is important. You must check for a Steiff tag as well as that famous gold button on photographs. You may also demand to have evidence for confirmation. Steiff maintains online catalogues of its bears and this makes it easy to authenticate the items on sale are Steiff products.

You can choose brands for your bear, based on your individual taste. You will find steiff bears accessories to suit your needs.