Various Kinds Of Glass Knobs

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Glass knobs can be used to describe pretty much any transparent door knob, it has just become a common description. But there is a significant distinction between different kinds of Glass knobs that are vastly different from each other. Thus ‘Glass doorknob’ is merely a loose way to describe several different kinds of doorknobs, which makes it a very multidimensional term. Some types of doorknobs that can also be regarded as glass knobs are listed below.

  • Traditional Glass doorknobs: The most commonly available Glass doorknobs are simple glass doorknobs that are available in a variety of designs. Most of the design options such kinds of doors are curved and smooth edge, thus can be quite slippery. But these kind of doorknobs look quite wonderful because of curved glass effect which gives a vague reflection of the hand or the interiors of the house. Often stained glass is used to make Glass knob doors which can give a beautiful Ornamental feel and has an immense amount of alternatives in terms of patterns and colors available.
  • Antique Glass Doorknobs: In essence, these glass door knobs are simple Glass Doorknobs, yet they are quite old and have a rustic and look about them that are quite charming and give a rich look to the door. Often these door knobs are made with intricate designs etched on them by extremely skillful craftsmen and can really amaze anyone who happens to view antique glass knobs or the designs. These doorknobs also have some inscriptions on them regarding the place they were made for and they year they were made in which gives these doorknobs a lot of sentimental value, but it also exponentially increases the value of the doorknob depending on its age.
  • Handmade Glass Doorknobs: Unlike most Doorknobs, which are premade or manufactured with slight customizations in them, Handmade Glass Doorknobs are made with artistic sensibilities. Each one of these Glass Knobs are either personalized or made painstakingly by the craftsmen differently according to his own preference. The method of making these glass knobs can vary immensely and it is likely that such a doorknob would be the only one of its kind. Mostly these knobs are made with molten glass poured into moulds and then shaped with utmost care and precision. Many makers often infuse other objects or materials into these doorknobs such as metal plates or even Jade to give it a personal Touch

There are many other types of Glass knobs from amongst which one can choose. The most common yet detestable ones are of the mass produced variety. Although such as distinction cannot be made clearly as many other Glass knobs can be and are mass produced, but the ones that are made with little or no standards of quality are very brittle and only offer false promises. The most horrible thing about some of these knobs is that they are sold under the pretense of handmade thus falsely suggesting their excellence in terms of quality. One should always remember to check for the genuineness of the knob that would assure fine quality.